Specialty Leasing

New concept or product line? The City Centre offers convertible Retail Merchandising units as a perfect answer to market your product. If you have an expanded line and would like to test the market for a year, some short-term in-line units may be available. Find us on Facebook.

Cart Rental

Bramalea City Centre is always looking for unique products or businesses to enhance our current mall cart program. If you have an interesting product or service that you feel would be a perfect addition to our mall, then our cart program may be right for you.

Leasing Contact

Permanent Leasing:

Rene Ragazzi
Director, Retail Leasing
Tel: 905-281-5849
Email: RRagazzi@morguard.com

Specialty Leasing:

Camille Ramsingh
Tel: 905-595-4755
Email: cramsingh@morguard.com

Specialty Leasing
Application Form
Specialty Leasing

If you are interested in opening up a business at Bramalea City Centre, a requirement is that you provide us with a 5 year business plan that we will review.

Ten Business Plan Tips

  1. Write your own plan.
  2. Be brief (10-20 pages is a good guideline.)
  3. Write clearly. Avoid industry jargon.
  4. Talk about success factors.
  5. Don't hide the risks.
  6. Support your claims.
  7. Ensure proper format and consistency.
  8. Polish your summary.
  9. Look professional.
  10. Have someone not involved in your business objectively review your plan and suggest improvements.

* Taken from "The Business Plan", Deloitte & Touche.

Morguard is a fully integrated real estate company. We own, manage and invest in high-quality, well-located, geographically diversified assets across North America, including a Retail portfolio of more than 18 million square feet of local, regional, super regional, mixed-use and development properties in more than 63 Canadian and U.S. communities. Morguard understands the real estate requirements of retailers with a focus to maximize traffic, sales, and market share. Our disciplined merchandising strategies ensure all aspects of our retail properties are optimized. To learn more, visit morguard.com.